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DockFun! is shareware. However you can use it without any feature blocked fully evaluating its capabilities.

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Version 4.7

System requirements
Mac OS X 10.2.7 (Jaguar)
Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Dock Switching
Organize your Applications and files in few Docks and not in just one. For example a dock for the Applications you use for internet, one for Graphic, etc.. The Dockpit will be tool you will use for setting up your docks and its properties.
The Dockpit
"The cockpit for the dock rider" it is the heart, the core of DockFun! where you will handle all your docks and its files just like you would do with an iTunes playlist. You will set here also the hot-keys and the autolaunch items. Furthermore for each dock you will set its preferences too.
This features lets you launch all together few Applications of the same dock with just a click. Every docks has its own set of Autolaunch Apps which you will set in the Dockpit. For example the Internet Dock: Safari, Mail, iChat, ICQ. These Apps will be launched all together when the user will click on the Autolaunch command.
Floating Window
This is one of the 3 ways of reaching DockFun! commands. It offers a tool to switch between docks, open Donelleschi Docks and activate Autolaunch (option-click on dock name). It's a stylish window created by an Italian designer. When the window goes in background it automatically minimizes , taking only few pixels of your desktop. The Floating Window can be enabled and disabled in the Preferences.
Status Bar Menu
This is one of the 3 ways of reaching DockFun! commands. Thanks to the Status Bar Menu you will access to all DockFun! commands and power through the Status Bar Menu. No mess on your desktop! It makes also possible to launch single App from a Dock without having it enabled, as well as activate the Autolaunch. The Status Bar Menu can be enabled and disabled in the Preferences.
You can switch between docks using Hot-keys (which are a special combination of keystrokes such as Command-Option-H) Furthermore you will be able to launch Applications and Documents with them too, without activating any docks.
Dock Preferences
Every Docks you will handle with DockFun! has different preferences associated with it. For example you can have the dock of internet on the right but the one for graphic on the bottom. Moreover you will be able to enable hidden features of the Apple Dock, such as put the dock in the corners of the screen or at the top.
Donelleschi Dock
Open at the same time many docks on your desktop! The Donelleschi Docks were designed to be simple and light in CPU usage. Furthermore they can be minimized to a small square (pressing the "-" button) saving much space on your desktop.
Iconize your Docks!
Every Dock which DockFun! runs has an Icon associated, which can be set up in the Dock Preferences from the Dockpit. It's very easy to add your own Icon, making this feature of DockFun! an other way to personalize your Desktop
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