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DockFun! is shareware. However you can use it without any feature blocked fully evaluating its capabilities.

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Version 4.7

System requirements
Mac OS X 10.2.7 (Jaguar)
Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

DockFun!: deep inside your Mac OS X
DockFun! is a tool to run an infinite number of OS X's Dock configuration. For example you'll be able to set up a Dock for Internet applications and a Dock for graphic purpose which you'll turn on, easily, with just a click! It also allows you to edit deeply your Mac OS X dock preferences. Hopefully, it will not only increase your productivity on Mac OS X, but also make very pleasant to organize your applications and documents.

DockFun! key features
It's extremely easy to use: you will make docks as you would do an iTunes playlist!. But don't call it a "Dock Switcher App" in fact DockFun! is much more, it's the ultimate solution for organize your Applications and main Documents. It integrates Hot-keys and the amazing Autolaunch feature, which lets you launch all together more Applications at once, furthermore with the Donelleschi Docks you will be able to have more docks at once on your desktop!
The code has been written in Cocoa, the most powerful and integrated development environment for Mac OS X. DockFun! runs on Tiger (10.4), Panther (10.3) and Jaguar (10.2). Finally key feature is the design, DockFun! human interface has been developed to be easy and pleasant. We want it to be a cool tool further than useful!.

What's new in the latest version 4.7 (29th May 06)?
  • Universal binary: runs natively on intel-macs!

What people say about DockFun?

"DockFun!: Our Favorite Utility [...] a must-have application: this is one of those shareware gems that shows Apple how a feature should have been done" [...] "One of the best OS X customization utilities out there" [...] "it has a gorgeous interface!"

"I was looking for something that would be similar to the pop up windows in System 9 (which I really miss in OSX). DockFun looks like it will be a great replacement for that option!"
Terry McCain

"Be smart use multiple docks and don't browse all you disc for taking what you need!"

"Further than a great application launcher DockFun! is the most complete tool to edit your dock"

"I have my 2 young sons (age 5 & 9) using the computer and DockFun! works great for them. First they feel "important" because they have their very own dock and, second it makes my stuff kind of hidden away on my docks so they don't casually access it plus I don't have to work around their clutter in my dock."
Charlie Schink

"Each topic I lecture on has its own DockFun dock, which contains all the auxiliary PowerPoint presentations for that topic. When a question is asked, I can instantly click on the proper presentation. Anyone who gives PowerPoint lectures will find DockFun to be very useful."

"DockFun was easy to install & run. The directions were clear and I was configuring my additional docks in no time at all."

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